There’s more to diaper rash than meets the eye.

Until recently, diaper rash was thought to be caused by waiting long periods of time to change their little one’s diaper. Research shows a link between rising gut & stool pH levels and diaper rash*. Find out how Evivo and breast milk can help baby’s diaper rash from the inside.

The causes of diaper rash.

When you notice red, irritated skin in your baby’s diaper area, it’s time to up the ante and check more frequently to keep their bottom clean. After all, diaper rash is triggered by the amount of time your baby is sitting in their poop and pee, right?

That’s what most parents believe will bring their little one some relief. While prolonged exposure to these yucky elements is part of it, research has shown that fecal enzymes have an irritant effect on the skin.* And these fecal enzymes are activated by higher fecal pH. So, if baby’s poop pH spikes, diaper rash gets worse.

Diaper rash is more than skin irritation.

Diaper rash may be an early indicator of gut imbalance in the infant gut microbiome. The pH of the colon is determined by the type of bacteria present. By incorporating good bacteria like B. infantis EVC001 into your baby’s diet, you can help keep pH levels low and avoid fecal enzymes that can cause skin irritations.*

Addressing diaper rash early can be an effective way to support your baby during the early months of immune development.

How does Evivo help tackle diaper rash?

Topical solutions may provide temporary relief but typically fail to resolve the problem in the long term. That’s where Evivo is different. It can ease diaper rash from the inside. In fact, research has been shown to lower stool pH to help protect the skin*.

Evivo with B. infantis EVC001 lowers the pH of the stool through the production of lactate and acetate, which deactivates skin-irritating fecal enzymes. When mixed with breast milk and fed to baby once a day, Evivo helps alleviate diaper rash, so baby is more comfortable—and so are you.

Shop Evivo for use at home

Evivo is an infant probiotic that contains the good bacteria baby needs to support the healthy development of the immune system and gut microbiome.

The benefits of having B. infantis EVC001, only in Evivo, colonizing your baby’s gut are:

  • Helps babies to fully digest nutrients found in breast milk
  • Research has shown an 80% increase in good bacteria in babies fed Evivo
  • Increases the growth of good bacteria which lowers the pH of baby’s gut to help relieve diaper rash *
  • Evivo persists and colonizes 100% of babies gut microbiomes with the good bacteria B. infantis EVC001
  • 72% of Evivo moms report a decrease in diaper rash.
Evivo infant probiotic powder package

Recommended By Pediatricians & Lactation Consultants

Research shows parents reported significant improvements within a few days of feeding Evivo

Better nighttime sleep


said baby slept longer

Less gas and fussiness


reported a decrease

Reduced diaper rash


saw significant or complete improvement

Dimitratos, S. M., et al. “Symptomatic relief from at-home use of activated Bifidobacterium infantis EVC001 probiotic in infants: Results from a consumer survey on the effects on diaper rash, colic symptoms, and sleep.” Beneficial Microbes 12.4 (2021): 333-340.

Loved by parents

Everything we wanted... and more!

My baby was delivered via c-section and after dealing with multiple issues. We were desperate to find a probiotic that could give our baby the peace she needed… and we found that in Evivo! We saw a difference within two weeks, and now at 4 months, our baby girl is shining! Bye bye throw-ups after every feed and helloooo strong, healthy, warrior child! Thank you, Evivo, for providing such a life-changing, quality product… our baby girl is shining because of you!

Jamie S.
United States

Evivo for the win!

Now his gas passes easily, his bowel movements are under control, and thankfully (knock on wood) he has not gotten sick as of yet despite every other person in the house being ill. I’m forever thankful for this product and am about to reorder. If you’re on the fence just order! You’ll be happy you did.

Kacie W

Complete game changer

Wow- I cannot recommend Evivo enough. It was a complete game changer for our baby who has had digestive issues since she was born. We tried 3 other pro/pre biotics before giving Evivo a try and although some of those helped, none worked like Evivo. One thing to note- it didn’t kick in automatically for us. In fact the first 3 days baby was very fussy, so much so I almost stopped the drops thinking she was allergic to them. After talking to the support line and a doctor, I learned it was her body clearing out her system and gave it one more day. Absolute game changer. She started nursing better, sleeping better, and was overall a happier baby. Thank you Evivo!!

Brianne H.

Evivo is awesome!

I have been raving and recommending it to all of my new Mommy friends ever since it improved my little guy’s behavior in just a couple days of being on it. I started my son on it at 4 weeks old after being up with him for many nights while he was restless with gas and an upset stomach and would need gripe water, belly rubs, pumping of his legs and warm baths just to release painful gas and have a bowel movement. He also had bad baby acne and sensitive skin. Within two days of being on Evivo his skin was completely cleared up and he was not whining and squirming with gas pains in the night and early morning. I would also say that with my first child, I did not know about Evivo and listened to her suffer for many months with these issues and I also suffered by having to give up certain foods and alter my diet. Since my son started Evivo, I have not had to limit or cut out any specific foods and he seems fine with it.

Jaimi-Lyn S.

Love love love Evivo

My experience using Evivo was overall amazing! As a new mom, I didn’t know how to help my little one. Then I was introduced to Evivo! I was leary at first, but I could notice a huge difference with my baby girl. I recommend Evivo and mention it to all the mommas I know! Thank you, Evivo, you have been a lifesaver!

Malynda W.
West Virginia

Individual results may vary. Evivo is intended for full-term infants consuming some HMO in their diet. If you have questions concerning your baby’s health i.e allergies, immunocompromised, please consult with your physician before use.

Frequently Asked Questions

All babies, irrespective of delivery type, benefit from being fed Evivo. Even vaginally born babies may be missing beneficial bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract resulting in digestive discomfort.

Feeding baby Evivo with breast milk right after birth helps populate baby’s gut with B. infantis EVC001, a good bacteria strain clinically shown to work with breast milk to support digestive and immune health.

You can start feeding your baby Evivo immediately once they begin consuming breast milk.