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Mom and Baby

Help protect your baby's immune system from the inside out

Doing everything possible to protect your baby is part of being a mom. Rest easier knowing Evivo is helping your baby's immune system development right from the start. That means peace of mind for mom and better protection for your little one.


Evivo productsGoodbye bad bacteria, hello stronger immune system

The first 100 days of life are now known to be a period of rapid immune system development in infants. The type of bacteria in baby’s gut highly influences how that development takes place, with certain types of bad bacteria causing intestinal inflammation and improper immune programming. Evivo’s proprietary strain of good bacteria, B. infantis EVC001, limits the growth of bad bacteria in baby’s gut, helping ensure proper immune system development as a foundation for lifelong health!

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Learn how Evivo works with breastmilk to strengthen baby’s immune system development.

Give your baby’s developing immune system the support it needs.


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