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Going Beyond Skin-Deep to Deal with Diaper Rash: 5 Expert Tips

Female hands fixing a diaper on a newborn baby

Diaper rash – a tiny problem that can make a big impact on both your baby and your peace of mind. As a parent, you’ve likely wrestled with questions: Could I have prevented it? Did I not change them frequently enough?

Well, here’s the scoop: diaper rash isn’t solely about moisture exposure. It’s about pH levels, baby’s gut health, and skin protection. Let’s dive into this deeper.

The pH Link to Diaper Rash: It’s Not Just Moisture

We all know the telltale signs – red, irritated skin in the diaper area. But it’s not just about moisture. Recent research points to the rising pH levels of baby poop as a key culprit. pH measures acidity (lower values) or alkalinity (higher values). In a baby’s stool, acidity is your friend. An acidic environment prevents harsh enzymes from irritating your baby’s delicate skin.

Our Diaper Defense Strategy

1. Frequent Diaper Checks

Newborns are poop and pee factories. Keep an eye out for diaper changes, especially after feeding. The distinctive smell of newborn poop might not hit your nose like solid-food odors, but don’t rely on your nose alone.

2. Restore the Balance

Did you know good bacteria play a role in balancing stool pH levels? Enter B. infantis – a superhero bacteria that stabilizes stool pH levels. Modern practices have led to its decline, causing higher pH levels. But fear not! With Evivo probiotic you can restore the good gut bacteria B. infantis EVC001 to your baby’s tummy, stabilize stool pH levels, and limit the amount of watery loose stools.

3. Gentle Cleansing

If diaper rash strikes, give the wipes a break. Cleanse with warm water and a gentle cloth. Afterward, pat dry and apply your favorite diaper ointment. Let your little one goes commando at home – it’s like a spa day for their bottom!

4. Skin Protection

Humid climate? Diaper rash lurking? Enter zinc oxide ointment. It’s a superhero shield against excess moisture, urine, and stool. Apply it to protect and promote healing. If the rash persists or worsens, see your pediatrician – some rashes need special care.

5. Early Action

Remember, diaper rash is almost a rite of passage for babies. Most will face it at some point. But with vigilant care, it can be a passing phase. Spot it early, take preventive measures, and watch it clear up fast.

About the Author
Payal Adhikari, MD, Pediatrician

Dr. Adhikari is a board-certified pediatrician. Prior to medical school, Dr. Adhikari was a strategic consultant in the Healthcare division of Huron Consulting Group and later became a pediatrician in Chicago, IL. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Adhikari enjoys spending time with her husband and two kiddos.