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Mom and Baby - Newborn Gut Deficiency

What is Newborn Gut Deficiency?

Newborn Gut Deficiency (NGD) is an overwhelming shortage of good bacteria in the infant gut. In a healthy gut microbiome, the good bacteria keep the bad bacteria in check. When there isn’t enough, bad bacteria flourishes, leading to a list of baby discomforts that parents know all too well.

Fortunately, Evivo baby probiotic can help. Watch How Evivo Works.


Newborn Gut Deficiency (NGD) is a hidden problem affecting more than 90% of babies in the United States*

Does my baby have Newborn Gut Deficiency?

Newborn Gut Deficiency can be the hidden, underlying cause of colic, diaper rash, poor sleep, gassiness, eczema and even allergies and Type 1 diabetes later in life. New research published in Scientific Reports shows more than 90% of babies have Newborn Gut Deficiency and lack the essential good bacteria B. infantis. Necessary medical advancements, such as C-sections and antibiotics have interrupted the natural transfer of B. infantis from mom to baby during childbirth.

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baby colic and bad bacteria

The right strain makes the difference.

Other probiotics have not been developed with babies in mind. Only one is proven to resolve Newborn Gut Deficiency: Evivo. Why? Because only Evivo contains the essential strain for babies, activated B. infantis EVC001.

Evivo’s proprietary strain works with the breastmilk in baby’s gut to allow its nutrients to be fully consumed. Your baby gets better nutrition, and so does the good bacteria. And when your baby’s good bacteria flourishes, so does your baby!


Don’t just take our word for it! 
Parents and Gut Experts agree, Evivo helps.

Watch the webinar on Newborn Gut Deficiency with Host Dr. Mark Hyman, MD and Nutritional Scientist and Infant Gut Health Expert, Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh, PhD.

Newborn Gut Deficiency with Host Dr. Mark Hyman

Join Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, along with Nutritional Scientist and Infant Gut Health Expert, Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh, Ph.D. as they discuss:

  • The importance of establishing baby gut health from day one of life and the key role it plays
  • The factors that have led to Newborn Gut Deficiency in the vast majority of babies born today
  • How choosing the right probiotic that works along with breastmilk can resolve Newborn Gut Deficiency, and improve baby health


Research shows parents reported a significant improvement in diaper rash, colic, and sleeping within a few days of feeding Evivo.

  • Diaper Rash

    72% reported improvement in diaper rash

    reported improvements

  • Gas and Fussiness

    63% reported a decrease in gass and fussiness

    reported resolution or improvement

  • Nighttime Sleep Behaviors

    52% reported improvement in nighttime sleep behavior

    reported resolution or improvement

"Like most new moms, I had never heard of Newborn Gut Deficiency, and after learning more and doing research, Evivo stood out to me as being unlike any other product to help ensure good gut health for my baby. Learning that it can help reduce the bad bacteria by 80% and set my baby up for long-term health, really grabbed my interest."

- Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt

Money Back Guarantee

Money-back, guaranteed.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, activated B infantis EVC001, to your baby's gut microbiome, keeping your baby happy and healthy into the future. If for any reason you're not satisfied reach out. Details


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