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High fecal pH baby

Fecal pH provides a window into gut health

Elevated fecal pH is a sign of infant gut dysbiosis, a common cause of many infant health concerns

Diaper rash, colic, eczema, gas, and poor sleep may all be symptoms of a deeper issue, an overabundance of pathogenic gut bacteria, also known as gut dysbiosis.

pH graphicA fecal/stool pH test provides a window into the infant gut microbiome. Elevated fecal pH, defined as 5.5or higher, not only has an irritating effect on the skin, but is also a sign that the Bifidobacterium, B. infantis, is missing.

Evivo products

Evivo lowers infant fecal pH to the recommended range

LabCorp recently updated the infant fecal pH reference range to 4.5-5.5, corresponding to the observed benefits within this range. Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) is the only infant probiotic clinically proven to reduce pathogenic bacteria by 80%, restore fecal pH to recommended levels, and create a protective environment where beneficial bacteria thrive.