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Evivo with MCT Oil

Evivo in the NICU

Resolve gut dysbiosis and improve clinical outcomes in your NICU patients

Growing body of evidence demonstrates a clear functional advantage to feeding the targeted bacterial strain B. infantis EVC001 to human milk-fed NICU infants



Adminster Evivo with MCT Oil, once daily, to your NICU patients to:

  • Resolve gut dysbiosis

  • Reduce enteric inflamation

  • Reduce antibiotic resistance

  • Create a protective environment for the preterm infant gut

  • Improve clinical outcomes

  • Improves utilization of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) from breast milk

NICU doctor

Evivo for Pediatricians

Safeguard your infant patient’s short- and long-term health

The gut microbiome in more than 90% of babies born in the US today is dominated by potentially pathogenic bacteria, impacting their daily lives and lifelong health. Only Evivo is clinically proven to change the biochemistry of the infant gut by replacing potentially pathogenic bacteria with beneficial bacteria.

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