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Gold Coast Doula Podcast

Payal Adhikari, M.D.

Infant Probiotics are more than just a supplement. Learn all about good bacteria and their role in maintaining a healthy gut for your baby. From prebiotics to probiotics to postbiotics, discover how they contribute to your baby’s well-being on Gold Coast Doulas podcast, The Impact of the Infant Microbiome on Health featuring Evivo Clinical Director and Pediatrician, Dr. Payal Adhikari.

About the Author
Payal Adhikari, MD, Pediatrician, Clinical Implementation Director

Dr. Adhikari is a board-certified pediatrician and responsible for educating physicians and health systems about Infinant Health’s scientific mission, helping them adopt advances like Evivo to protect the most precious patients. Prior to medical school, Dr. Adhikari was a strategic consultant in the Healthcare division of Huron Consulting Group and later became a pediatrician in Chicago, IL. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Adhikari enjoys spending time with her husband and two kiddos.