What baby poop says about your baby's gut health.
Time to check that diaper.

The Evivo Scoop on Baby Poop

If your newborn infant is fed breast milk, you might be told to expect him to have five to eight poopy diapers per day, with each baby poop appearing loose or watery. Why loose or watery baby poop? Why five to eight poops a day—is that really normal? What’s normal for baby poop anyway?

First, it’s important to know that breast milk’s third most abundant nutrient isn’t food for the baby - It’s food for baby’s gut bacteria and supports his developing metabolism and immune system.

Baby poop is a visible signal of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ bacteria in baby’s gut. The more ‘bad’ bacteria that are present, the more a baby will poop since the gut is not able to absorb all the nutrients from breast milk – babies just poop them out. The more ‘good’ bacteria, the fewer poops since the baby is able to absorb all the nutrients from breast milk.

Evivo Colic Testimonial

Do your baby a solid.

Feed Evivo to your baby every day and you might just see a difference. In our clinical studies, the babies taking Evivo had, on average, just two to three soft, well-formed baby poops each day. Some had fewer, pooping only every few days. Just two to three, instead of the somewhat continuous five to eight watery ones. That’s the activated probiotic at work.

Well-formed – the result of being well informed. That sounds better already.

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Evivo moms know.

  After 4-5 days, we saw clear results as he had less frequent, more solid bowel movements and was much less gassy. After a couple weeks - we further observed significantly reduced acne and more regular, less frequent movements. My wife was so pleased/relieved and we plan to continue using Evivo as our son continues to grow.   
- Michael H.


  Evivo has been a huge help for my baby boy. He had extremely bad diaper rash from pooping so often (10-12) times a day. He now goes once a day or once every other day. His poop is now completely healed and he has much less gas and fussiness. I would definitely recommend Evivo to others. The only downfall is the price, but it's worth it for a happy baby!  

- Nicole M.


  Our (baby) was miserable for the first month of his life. His poop was very frequent and constantly had gas. After giving Evivo, after a few days, we saw a significant difference in his poop and behavior. He is a happy baby now and we are happier parents!    
- Jeramy B.


  I would change her diaper over 14x a day and there would be a small amount of stool in each diaper. Ever since I started giving her Evivo, she has had mainly pee diapers (which is a huge change!) and three large stools over a four day period. It's so nice to have it consolidated—keeps her bottom much happier!   
- Jaclyn D.