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Is your baby as healthy inside as she looks on the outside?

When it comes to your baby’s gut health, the proof is in the poop.

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From birth, your baby’s gut is vulnerable to bad bacteria. 

But there is a simple way to promote your baby’s gut health right from the start, by feeding Evivo to create a recommended environment that helps defend against bad bacteria. 

Evivo is the only infant probiotic that contains B. Infantis EVC001, a good bacteria that can reduce bad bacteria in the gut by 80%, and lower the pH of baby’s poop to a more recommended range.

When your baby doesn't have the right bacteria, this can lead to:

pH graphicSeeing the signs of bad gut bacteria in your baby? 

A stool pH test provides a window into baby gut health, and a leading organization now has a recommended range for infant stool pH. Talk to your pediatrician today about gut health and how Evivo can help lower the pH of your baby’s poop to a more recommended range and reduce and minimize discomfort.

Doctor with baby

Here are a few questions you can ask at your baby’s next visit:

  • How do I know if my baby’s gut is healthy?

  • Could my baby have higher than expected stool pH?

  • Could this be the reason for my baby’s diaper rash, colic, eczema, gassiness, and/or sleeplessness?

  • Should my baby take Evivo baby probiotic?

Talk to your pediatrician or order Evivo today