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Which probiotic is right for my baby?

By: Megan Landrum | January 30, 2021

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Which Probiotic is Right for My Baby?
You are a health-savvy parent, so chances are you have heard the terms probiotic and microbiome popping up pretty much everywhere from your doctor’s office to your Instagram feed. What you might not know is that a specific strain of probiotic bacteria is particularly beneficial for babies. The scientific name of this probiotic strain is B. infantis EVC001 – but we can refer to it as Evivo, the only baby probiotic with this science-backed strain. In fact, research published in 2020 shows the EVC001 strain is superior to all other commercially available B. infantis strains tested.

So, how do probiotics work? Why is there one specific strain you want your baby to have? And when should you consider feeding this probiotic to your little one? I am going to break it all down for you and provide some clear-cut recommendations on choosing a probiotic for your baby. 

First, a quick lesson on prebiotics and probiotics
Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates (aka fiber) that act as food for good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. This is one reason why eating a fiber-rich diet is so important as an adult, because it provides fuel for those good bacteria to grow and flourish. Believe it or not, your baby’s liquid diet is high in fiber as well. If you are feeding your baby breastmilk, nature created a high fiber fluid that can feed good bacteria in the gut of your newborn. Pretty cool! Many infant formulas include fiber as well.
Probiotics are bacterial strains that provide a health benefit to the host (in this case, baby). The total collection of bacteria in your GI tract makes up your gut microbiome. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to create a healthy environment in your baby’s gut, leading to improvements in many common newborn issues such as colic, diaper rash, eczema, and tummy troubles.

Why your newborn needs B. infantis EVC001 – Evivo baby probiotic
Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) is the only bacteria able to fully digest the prebiotic (fiber) component of breastmilk. It is also able to utilize components of infant formula. When these good bacteria are missing from baby’s gut, other bad bacteria grow and thrive. High levels of bad bacteria are linked to the common newborn issues listed above, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, due to modern medical practices such as antibiotics and c-sections, 90% of babies are not colonized with this critical strain of bacteria at birth. Even if the birth mother delivers vaginally without antibiotics, most women of childbearing age in the United States lack these good bacteria due to widespread use of interventions that disrupt the gut microbiome. Mom cannot pass along the good bacteria to baby if she does not have it herself. Of course, these medical practices are often necessary and lifesaving, so what is a parent to do?

Thankfully, breastmilk researchers from the UC Davis have created a probiotic, specifically for infants, to ensure all babies achieve optimal colonization of B. infantis EVC001. This is now available as Evivo baby probiotic, the only probiotic on the market that contains the superior EVC001 strain that baby needs.

Babies fed Evivo are clinically proven to have an 80% reduction in bad gut bacteria and a significant improvement in breastmilk digestion. We are happier when our digestion is better and your baby will be, too. In fact, 63% of parents reported reduced fussiness and gassiness after feeding Evivo. 72% of parents saw improved diaper rash, and 52% reaped the benefits of better nighttime sleep. 

When to give Evivo to your baby.
The first six months are a critical window for establishing a healthy gut for your baby. Research shows it is safe and effective to start feeding your baby Evivo in their first days of life. Continue to feed Evivo once daily throughout the first 6-12 months when many critical developmental milestones are taking place. The presence of B. infantis EVC001 is important during these crucial early months of life when baby’s metabolism and immune system are developing.

Whew! That was a lot. You are already a rockstar parent for diving in and learning how these little bacteria make a big difference for your little one. High fives! You can now make informed probiotic choices for your baby. Here’s to more healthy Evivo babies in 2021!